How to participate

The Evidence Symposium is by invitation only. We will send you an invitation by early November, asking you to RSVP.

*Please note:  the event organizers are only supporting travel expenses for selected participants (e.g. speakers).

**Please note, your participation in the event is conditional on your visa status.  We can’t apply for entry visas to Jordan, however, you can use the invitation letter to apply for your visa.

Participants at the Evidence Meeting will include:

  • Policy Makers from Jordan and Lebanon: government and private sector partners who are working towards / or with a proven experience of translating evidence into policies and actions for adolescent and youth programming. Policy makers from other countries will be included, based on recommendations from the Steering Committee members.
  • Implementers: national/regional civil society organisations/groups/movements with proven (evidence-based) experience in providing adolescent and youth opportunities for adolescent and youth programming including civic, social and economic engagement.
  • Researchers (including youth researchers): university academic, evaluation investigators, other partners who study adolescent and youth programming (including engagement) and have results/demonstrable evidence to share.
  • Adolescents and young People: adolescents and young people who have participated in evidence generation and/or have been systematically engaged in adolescent and youth programming.
  • Donors: representatives of donor agencies who have shown interest in adolescent and youth engagement; and those supportive of No Lost Generation (NLG) as a whole. (The donor briefing segment of the meeting will be hosted by ECHO/EU, who will invite other donors).

The event will be recorded and shared with adolescents, young people, policy makers and representatives from international organizations and international/regional and local CSOs. Interpretation will be available in Arabic.