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Attention! New deadline to submit posters -November 2 2017. Send to

The Evidence Symposium invites you to participate in our Poster Competition “Youth Researchers in Action”

About the competition

The Evidence Poster/Video Competition: Youth Researchers in Action has been established to showcase youth-led research on Adolescents and Youth in the MENA region.  Adolescents and young people (up to 25 years of age) are invited to submit a poster summarizing: your motivation to engage in the research, methodology, key findings, recommendations and tips for other youth researchers.  If your poster/video is accepted it will be displayed at the “Translating Research Into Scaled Up Action: Evidence Symposium on Adolescents and Youth in MENA” (November 21-22, Amman, Jordan).    The competition will be judged by a panel drawn from the Evidence Symposium Steering Committee Members and other key stakeholders.

The winners will be invited to present the poster during the Symposium.  All travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

Eligibility – who can apply?

Individual adolescents and youth researchers or groups of adolescents and youth researchers (under 25) who have generated/supported the generation of evidence focused on adolescents and youth in the MENA region over the past 5 years.  The posters/videos should fit into at least  one of the following categories:

  • Employment
  • Adolescents/Youth and violence
  • Adolescents/Youth engagement and participation
  • Adolescents/Youth hopes and aspirations
  • Adolescents/Youth and gender
  • Health (including sexual and reproductive health)
  • Adolescents/Youth in humanitarian settings
  • Education (including life skills education and sexuality education)
  • Marginalized youth/adolescents
  • Psychosocial support programming for conflict-affected children and youth

*Note:   a poster/video may fit into more than one category

Competition guidelines

  • Each entrant should submit the form below along with a Powerpoint of their poster (using the powerpoint template provided in Annex 1) OR a short video of maximum 3 minutes (template provided in Annex 2).

Multiple posters/videos are allowed per entrant.

  • Entries will be shortlisted by a panel drawn from the Evidence Symposium Steering Committee and other key stakeholders.
  • Posters can be landscape or portrait orientation.
  • If shortlisted, the Evidence Symposium organizers will be responsible for arranging the printing of all posters/broadcasting of the videos.
  • Shortlisted posters will be displayed on the designated conference poster board during the Evidence Symposium*.

*By entering this competition, participants shortlisted consent to the use of their posters/videos in a consecutive event organized by No Lost Generation  “Positive Pathways:  A No Lost Generation Summit on psychosocial support programming for conflict-affected children and youth” (November 22 and 23, Amman, Jordan);  and to the display of their posters in the Evidence Symposium website.

Judging criteria

Posters/videos will be assessed according to four main criteria:

Criteria 1:  Poster/video design – presentation and visual communication

Criteria 2:  Research content – how easily this can be understood by individuals who are not experts in the subject  (e.g. was the problem clearly explained? were the methods used or proposed appropriate for the identified idea/problem/question? Were the methods innovative? Were ethical considerations followed?)

Criteria 3:  Significance – Do the findings relate to the topic under question? Do these matter? Are they important?

Criteria 4:  Implications:  How the research contributes/have contributed to inform action (policies, programmes, others)

Please note:

If your poster/video is selected then you should be able to attend the Evidence Symposium on November 21, 2017. Entrants will be informed if their poster has been selected by November 5.

Deadline for competition entry: Thursday 28th of October 2017

Click here to find the rules, entry form and templates (English)

Click here to find the rules, entry form and templates (Arabic)